Eva Longaria And Felicity Huffman Fight Against Cancer

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Eva Longaria And Felicity Huffman
Eva Longoria And Felicity Huffman Fight Against Cancer: The Latin American charity "Parents against Cancer" celebrated its 25th anniversary at its traditional annual gala, titled "Dream of Hope."

To celebrate the event, were invited stars like Mario Lopez, presenter George Lopez, singer Demi Lovato or actor Andy Garcia. 

were also present the "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria, official spokesperson of the association, and Felicity Huffman, came to support her friend on stage as in the city. A beautiful galaxy of stars for a good cause.

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extreme athlete, Caleb Moore dead after snowmobile backflip!

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Horror crash on a snowmobile: In a backflip loses the American snowmobile pilot Caleb Moore control and crashes. A week later, he died in the hospital

A week after his accident at the Winter X Games, the American snowmobile pilot Caleb Moore died on Thursday of complications from injuries at the age of 25 years. It is the first fatality in the history of the event, which will be aligned in 1997 and regarded as the Olympics of extreme and trend sports.

Moore had lost over the past week at the event in Aspen / Colorado during a backflips, a backward rotation, control of the snowmobile. The nearly 200-pound vehicle was subsequently dropped when landing on Moore.

"This morning, Caleb's gone. We will miss him and never forget ", shared his family with a spokesperson, adding." We want to thank you for all the prayers and well wishes "

After the overthrow Caleb Moore had to leave through the accident site. Only later was found in the hospital that he had suffered internal bleeding and severe injury to the brain and heart. His younger brother Colton was overthrown in the same event and also pulled a pelvic injury.

"Even if the world's best compete in a professional sport that always remain risks. Moore was a four-time X Games medalist, who has tried a trick that he had previously landed already, "it said in a statement the organizers.

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Director JJ Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII "is incredible!

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Particularly "Star Trek" fans know singing from the secrecy of the director to a song already. The plot of "Star Trek Into Darkness" is still poorly understood and the months of speculation about the role that Benedict Cumberbatch will take over in the strip is legendary. 

Accordingly, it will probably be difficult, JJ Abrams Show "Star Wars: Episode VII" elicit, but a few words, he lost it yet.

"This is really an incredible thing. It's totally surreal. Obviously it is much too early to talk about specific things, but I'm really looking forward to finally start the work, "Abrams said in an interview with the magazine" E! Online "on record. "Star Wars: Episode VII" will come on stream in 2015 to the movies.

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Beyonce Allegedly Lip-Sync Singing US National Anthem

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Beyonce Perfoms Lip-Sync on Inauguration Barack Obama
The second inauguration of President Barack Obama on Monday featuring performances from Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor, and the American national anthem sung 'Star-Spangled Banner' by Beyonce . According to a report turns at singing the song, Beyonce performs Lip-Sync.

"All the music recorded during the inauguration ceremony for the conditions that day." Said U.S. Marine, Kristin DuBois. "We played it live with a full band. But in the last few minutes we got instructions that Beyonce will sing songs that have been recorded. We do not know the reason "

The Washingtonian reports that it clearly shows that not all the bands played live at the event.

Earlier, Beyonce post a photo to Instagram account, while she was holding a sheet of music, "The Star Spangled Banner" at a recording studio.

As noted in Washingtonpost by Jessica Goldstein who recorded one of the most famous performances of the national anthem is the appearance of Whitney Houston in 1991, which also turned out to Lip-Sync.

TMZ reports that Kelly Clarkson was not Lip Sync at the time of singing the song "This My Country"

Marine Corps Band has released a new revelation that the presidential inauguration committee requested that the marine band to accompany beyonce while singing national anthem. However, Beyonce did not have time to practice with the band marine corp.

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Shakira sexy poses and pregnant

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Shakira gerard pose nude picture
Several months before shakira gives birth, Shakira poses almost naked for the sake of the UNICEF. Shots in which she appears with her boyfriend Gerard Pique, and visible on a virtual baby shower where people can make donations.

Shakira definitely will share her pregnancy to intimacy . As well known women before her, Demi Moore, Monica Bellucci, Claudia Schiffer or Britney Spears, the singer gave in to the temptation to almost naked to show off her luscious figure. Except that it's for a good cause, UNICEF, and she is not alone as his companion, footballer Gerard Pique, accompanies her on some shots .

Photographs, both in color and black and white, show one Shakira sexier than ever showing her nice round belly and voluptuous . Beside her, Gerard Pique seems happy to pose with the mother of his unborn child.

The photographs are discovered on a site that offers one virtual baby shower organized by the famous couple for the coming of the child they are expecting . This holiday, very common in Anglo-Saxon countries, allows prospective parents to be offered all linen and baby equipment they will need for their cherub. Here, Shakira and Gerard Pique offer to users, via the website interactive, donate between 5 and 100 dollars that will go directly to UNICEF to help "for babies who live in extreme poverty around the world. " Also visible in a video on the site, Shakira explains that " parents who are expecting a child share the same hopes and dreams, but not everyone has the same opportunities. "

Fans who have put their hands in their pockets will receive personalized thank the Colombian and his companion. 

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Shakira has finally given birth! Gerard Pique Excited

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Colombian singer and her boyfriend, footballer Gerard Pique, are finally parents! Shakira and Gerard Welcome a baby boy on Tuesday named Milan Pique Mebarak!

A few weeks ago, Gerard Pique had the world believe that his beloved Shakira gave birth ... In reality, the footballer had a little joke on the occasion of the Feast of the Innocents celebrated in Spain. But Tuesday night, Shakira has indeed given birth to her first child, a boy named Milan. 

This is a statement released yesterday evening on the official website of the singer confirmed the happy event: " We are pleased to announce the birth of Milan Pique Mebarak, son of Shakira Mebarak and Gerard Pique was born on 22 January at 21:36 in Barcelona, ​​Spain ".

Childbirth was triggered in the day at the clinic Teknon in Barcelona on Tuesday in the day. At 35 and 25 years, Shakira and Gerard Pique are the proud parents of a little piece which is almost as famous as his parents, as the lovebirds had much news on the upcoming birth!

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X-Men: Days of Future Past: Hugh Jackman promises return of all known X-Men

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As came out, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" would include the element of time travel has been relatively fast speculated about which character could return from the previous parts for the latest movie. "Wolverine" actor Hugh Jackman mentioned in an interview now indeed any specific names, but promised no less than a reunion with all Known X-Men!

A role that inevitably with Hugh Jackman is brought ("Les Misérables") in connection to the always somewhat disgruntled Logan aka Wolverine. Jackman is also the only actor who has been in all parts of the "X-Men" franchise at least had an appearance. And in the near future are fans of animal mutants get their costs, it is not only in "Wolverine: Way of the Warrior," but also in " X-Men: Days of Future Past "swinging his blade.

In an interview with The Daily Mail , however, Jackman has now revealed that the viewers can also look forward to a reunion with a lot of other superheroes who had been in the previous "X-Men" films a scene. He said: "Every other actor who has ever put into a superhero uniform will appear in X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Besides Hugh Jackman as Wolverine there is also involved Ian McKellan ("The Hobbit"), Patrick Stewart ("Star Trek - Nemesis"), James McAvoy ("Wanted"), Jennifer Lawrence ("Silver Linings"), Michael Fassbender ("Prometheus ") and Nicholas Hoult (" A Single Man ") have been confirmed as an actor.

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