Beyonce Allegedly Lip-Sync Singing US National Anthem

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Beyonce Perfoms Lip-Sync on Inauguration Barack Obama
The second inauguration of President Barack Obama on Monday featuring performances from Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor, and the American national anthem sung 'Star-Spangled Banner' by Beyonce . According to a report turns at singing the song, Beyonce performs Lip-Sync.

"All the music recorded during the inauguration ceremony for the conditions that day." Said U.S. Marine, Kristin DuBois. "We played it live with a full band. But in the last few minutes we got instructions that Beyonce will sing songs that have been recorded. We do not know the reason "

The Washingtonian reports that it clearly shows that not all the bands played live at the event.

Earlier, Beyonce post a photo to Instagram account, while she was holding a sheet of music, "The Star Spangled Banner" at a recording studio.

As noted in Washingtonpost by Jessica Goldstein who recorded one of the most famous performances of the national anthem is the appearance of Whitney Houston in 1991, which also turned out to Lip-Sync.

TMZ reports that Kelly Clarkson was not Lip Sync at the time of singing the song "This My Country"

Marine Corps Band has released a new revelation that the presidential inauguration committee requested that the marine band to accompany beyonce while singing national anthem. However, Beyonce did not have time to practice with the band marine corp.
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Title: Beyonce Allegedly Lip-Sync Singing US National Anthem
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