X-Men: Days of Future Past: Hugh Jackman promises return of all known X-Men

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As came out, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" would include the element of time travel has been relatively fast speculated about which character could return from the previous parts for the latest movie. "Wolverine" actor Hugh Jackman mentioned in an interview now indeed any specific names, but promised no less than a reunion with all Known X-Men!

A role that inevitably with Hugh Jackman is brought ("Les Misérables") in connection to the always somewhat disgruntled Logan aka Wolverine. Jackman is also the only actor who has been in all parts of the "X-Men" franchise at least had an appearance. And in the near future are fans of animal mutants get their costs, it is not only in "Wolverine: Way of the Warrior," but also in " X-Men: Days of Future Past "swinging his blade.

In an interview with The Daily Mail , however, Jackman has now revealed that the viewers can also look forward to a reunion with a lot of other superheroes who had been in the previous "X-Men" films a scene. He said: "Every other actor who has ever put into a superhero uniform will appear in X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Besides Hugh Jackman as Wolverine there is also involved Ian McKellan ("The Hobbit"), Patrick Stewart ("Star Trek - Nemesis"), James McAvoy ("Wanted"), Jennifer Lawrence ("Silver Linings"), Michael Fassbender ("Prometheus ") and Nicholas Hoult (" A Single Man ") have been confirmed as an actor.
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Title: X-Men: Days of Future Past: Hugh Jackman promises return of all known X-Men
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